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We are now running our new, state of the art tube laser cutter from BLM Group and are able to offer a service to UK businesses.


Service Offering

We are now able to offer a cut & prep service for materials between 12 - 220mm cross section and up to 35kg/m.  Our service will commence following in-house trials in May, however we are taking inquiries already. 

Machine Capacity

  • Tube diameters from 12 to 220 mm and a bar weight up to 35 Kg/m.
  • Tilting axis (± 45°) allowing geometry flaring operations to be carried out (bevel angles).
  • 5,000 Kg storage capacity
  • Automatic single bar loader
  • Automatic loading of up to 6 single bars onto cradles
  • Short piece unloader, for pieces up to 500 mm, automatically conveyed to a collecting box

Benefits of the Ritchie Service

  • Our machine is the largest machine in Scotland.
  • With great access to the major road network and our own fleet of vehicles, we can offer a cost effective delivery service across the country.
  • Our customers to take advantage of Ritchie preferential steel procurement prices thanks to our core products.
  • Our machine allows 3D cutting on all sections, which allows weld preparations to be made at the same time as profiling.
  • With our inhouse design team, we can offer design support and CAD model generation.
  • With a suite of CNC bending, painting, galvanising and assembly facilities, we can provide a full service from design to product delivery.

Watch it in action!...

What it looks like:

3D Tilting Head Cutting:

Tube Loading System:

You can read more about our machine on the manufacturer's website: